Our term for the extra carbs we carry for bumping low sugar levels.  Some of our favorite bumpers are:

  1. Gatorade Energy Chews – The nice thing about the chews is they contain dextrose, which is a fast-acting sugar.  Also you can really control the dose, each chew is 4 carbs.  Added bonus, they are small and discreet, it doesn’t look like you’re taking medicine, or eating a bunch of candy.
  2. Gatorade Endurance Carb Energy Drink – Yep, another Gatorade product.  They are easy to carry and are dextrose, so they’re fast-acting, and there’s no chewing involved.  I like it better than apple juice because it’s fast-acting, the pouches are convenient and it’s something lots of teens carry.
  3. CLIF BUILDER’S – Protein Bars – They are a good combination of carbs, protein and fat, so they’re nice for workouts or sustained, balanced sugars.  Sometimes I cut them up into 8 pieces and put them in a baggie to have on hand during sports workouts, each piece being 3.5 carbs.